Last update: 12/04/2018

Trade Mark  04/12/2018

Major changes to the Trademarks Act in Canada



Malawi has joined the Madrid Protocol; membership will be effective on December 25, 2108.



The Republic of San Marino joins Hague Agreement on International Design Registrations



Collective trademark for italian craft beers


Copyright  08/10/2018

Led Zeppelin accused of plagiarism in the riff of Stairway to Heaven



Peppa Pig, another victim of the "trademark squatting" in China


Counterfeiting  24/09/2018

Big seizure of counterfeit shoes in Palermo



Brexit on hold?


Copyright  10/09/2018

EU Copyright reform



Intellectual Property in the kitchen



Montepulciano d'Abruzzo turns 50 and becomes a registered trademark

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo turns 50 and becomes a registered trademark[More...]


Switzerland in pole position


Copyright  05/07/2018

Update on EU Copyright reform



Play-Doh’s scent: now it's a registered trademark in the U.S.



China dominates the World Cup (...of the trademarks)



Louboutin and the Pantone Red color n. 18.1663TP


Unfair competition  30/05/2018

A verdict that brings a “patent war” finally into its final stages

In the Apple vs Samsung Patent Case, the jury establishes a compensation of $ 539 million [More...]


Brexit and Domain name


Patent  16/05/2018

Fast- track examination Brazilian Patent applications



Nestlé pays $7.15 billion to license Starbucks products



Afghanistan Joins Madrid Protocol




The tutor on the motorway network must be removed and destroyed...[More...]

Counterfeiting  26/03/2018

New online gateway for the surveillance of counterfeit products in Dubai.



UK joins Hague Agreement on International Design Registrations


Patent  12/03/2018

EPO (European Patent Office) presented the 2017 report

Italy is in first place for the increase of requests[More...]

Trade Mark  06/03/2018

Apple fails with an opposition against the registration of a Japanese trademark named “Apple Assist Center



Facebook vs Climbook

...when Facebook decided to take legal action to remove the name of Climbook...[More...]


A wedding planner company tried to sell 'Blue Ivy' rights to Bejoncé for $10 million

The notorious couple of singers have been locked in a legal battle to register the trademark Blue Ivy Carter, the name of their five-year-old daughter against Blue Ivy owned by Ms. Victoria Morales, wedding planner[More...]


Deisel, the real - fake brand signed Renzo Rosso

Mr. Diesel's genius idea to open a shop in Chinatown where they sold jeans and sweatshirts that look like counterfeits.[More...]


Amazon's ultrasonic wristbands

There are clearly conflicting opinions on these bracelets...[More...]

Counterfeiting  29/01/2018

Parmigiano vs Parmesan

The EU Commission has given the green light to the possibility of registering trademarks in the name of Parmesan in Japan[More...]

Trade Mark  23/01/2018

Maasai warriors fight for their brand

Mr. Tialolo is educating the Maasai community in Kenya and Tanzania about the value of their brand[More...]

Trade Mark  05/12/2017

Trademark registered by the LTC in 1998.

The London Taxi Company (LTC) launched in 2006 a lawsuit against Frazer-Nash and Ecotive, companies that are working together to launch an electric taxi called "Metrocab" on the market.[More...]

Trade Mark  03/11/2017

Ritter Sport and its square chocolate bar

Ritter Sport and its square chocolate bar[More...]

Patent  20/10/2017

14 pharmaceutical patents will soon lapse

By the end of 2017, 14 pharmaceutical (i.e. Cialis, main Viagra's competiror) patents will soon lapse[More...]

Copyright  12/10/2017

Yoko Ono Vs John Lemon

Yoko Ono threats a legal action against Mr. Lemonade Alternative Drinks for the "JOHN LEMON" lemonade.[More...]

Patent  09/03/2017

Italy patents

Italy results at 10° position with more than 4,000 patent applications[More...]

Trade Mark  13/01/2017

Brunei Darussalam Joins Madrid Protocol

Brunei Darussalam has joined the Madrid Protocol [More...]

Trade Mark  08/07/2016


McDonald’s was able to obtain the rejection of the trademark application “Maccoffee”..[More...]

Internet  07/06/2016

Google defeats Oracle for Java’s use

An appeal by Oracle will probably follow.[More...]

Trade Mark  23/05/2016

Iphone has become a leather industry trademark in China.

The Chinese company Xintong Tiandi - specialized in leather production – has won a lawsuit against Apple in regard of the use of the trademark “Iphone” for.. leather goods.[More...]

Counterfeiting  02/05/2016

Sunday 1 May Last saw the entrance into force of the substantial Provisions of the Union Custom Code.


Copyright  14/03/2016

Reproducing paintings without the author’s signature is illicit.


Trade Mark  01/03/2016

New evaluating parameters for trademarks presenting ideograms in China.


Counterfeiting  11/02/2016

Don’t mess with Wine in Italy.


Trade Mark  03/02/2016

Trademark opposition procedure in Mexico


Trade Mark  27/01/2016

Italian Supreme Court claims Buddha as non distinctive.



Nespresso press charges against an Israeli coffee company


Trade Mark  18/01/2016

Ermenegildo Zegna Group Vs Guangzhou Fuyn

The Chinese court of Guangzhou recently ruled against Guangzhou Fuyin[More...]

Patent  22/12/2015

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

US trademark office[More...]

Trade Mark  16/12/2015

Moncler wins lawsuit and China compensates damages for Trademark Infringement

China has always been a hot topic for Fashion-Style companies[More...]

Trade Mark  29/10/2015

Ford has secured well-known status for its trademark in Russia.

Ford has secured well-known status for its trademark in Russia, despite its application was initially rejected because, according to Rospatent, the company's evidence only cited names and addresses of dealerships and nothing about its operations.[More...]

Patent  22/10/2015

European Commission formalises Italy’s accession to the unitary patent

The participation of Italy in enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection authorised by Decision 2011/167/EU is confirmed[More...]

Trade Mark  08/10/2015


DC Comics Vs Mark Towle[More...]

Trade Mark  28/09/2015

A bitter verdict for the king of sweets Haribo

Despite almost 100 years of gummy bears (“Goldbären”) production[More...]

Patent  24/09/2015

World Intellectual Property Indicators

WIPO published the "World Intellectual Property Indicators" [More...]

Patent  22/09/2015


Italy has at last officially announced its participation to the reinforced cooperation on the European Patent with unitary effect[More...]

Copyright  01/09/2015



Trade Mark  28/08/2015

Algeria became part of Madrid Protocol

On July 31, 2015, Algeria deposited with the WIPO its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol.[More...]

Trade Mark  31/07/2015

CE (China Export)

“The trademark CE (China Export) induce consumers into thinking that certain products follows the European standard”[More...]

Copyright  16/07/2015

Facebook photos and intellectual property rights

Facebook photos and intellectual property rights[More...]

Patent  03/07/2015

How space agency NASA finances its programs: selling patents experimented in space for commercial application.

How space agency NASA finances its programs: selling patents experimented in space for commercial application.[More...]

Trade Mark  25/06/2015


The General court denies the appeal of Lego’s competitor Best Lock and confirms the registration of LEGO® figures.[More...]

Trade Mark  16/06/2015

The ECJ breaks Kit Kat

European Courts of Justice (ECJ) C-215/14 [More...]

Trade Mark  22/05/2015

Louis Vuitton loses battle

Louis Vuitton loses battle over signature chequered pattern as EU ruling cancels two of the brand's registered trademark[More...]

Trade Mark  12/05/2015

SKYPE cannot be registered as a Community trademark for the risk of confusion with SKY

The European Court has confirmed the OHIM refusal of “Skype” community trademark application.[More...]

Unfair competition  13/03/2015

Decision n. 4386

Decision n. 4386[More...]


OHIM - je suis Charlie

OHIM - je suis Charlie [More...]

Patent  18/12/2014

Human ovule not fertilized

The EU Court of Justice ruled that a manipulated human ovule not fertilized can be patented for industrial purposes[More...]



The 2015 financial act[More...]


Rubik's Cube

EU court -  the registration of the Rubik's Cube shape as a Community trademark cannot be denied [More...]

Trade Mark  29/10/2014

Apple watch

The Apple watch is not called iWatch[More...]

Domain Names  23/10/2014

FC Barcelona lost the domain name disputes[More...]

Trade Mark  13/10/2014

Top 100 brands in the world,

In the ranking of the top 100 brands in the world[More...]

Counterfeiting  29/09/2014


Anti-Counterfeiting Information System[More...]

Patent  24/09/2014

Observations filed by a third party

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office explained that...[More...]

Trade Mark  23/09/2014

Tripp Trapp

Tripp Trapp[More...]

Patent  15/09/2014

International Stem Cell Corporation (ISC)

International Stem Cell Corporation (ISC)[More...]

Counterfeiting  09/09/2014



Counterfeiting  31/07/2014

Fight against counterfeit - trainings for the customs officials to recognize fake products

Fight against counterfeit - trainings for the customs officials to recognize fake products[More...]

Trade Mark  10/07/2014

New decision of the ECJ on the complex trademark

The Court of Justice of the European Union ("ECJ"), in its judgment of 8 May 2014, has ruled in Case C-591/12[More...]

Design  01/07/2014

Unregistered Community designs: assessments to define their validity

The regulation on Community design provides that a design (whether registered or not) must be protected at EU level as long as it is a new design...[More...]

Patent  06/06/2014

Unified Patent Court: updates

The number of countries that have ratified the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court rises to 4... [More...]

Trade Mark  13/05/2014

Swatch attacks Apple for the protection of its trademark "iSwatch"

Apple now faces a new lawsuit, this time against Swatch... [More...]

Trade Mark  12/05/2014

ITALY Chapter - World Trademark Yearbook

Article by Sonia Fodale and Chiara Morbidi[More...]

Copyright  29/04/2014

Increase of the duration of copyright protection

The Legislative Decree of February 21, 2014 n. 22 "Implementation of Directive 2011/77/UE amending Directive 2006/116/EC on the term of protection...[More...]

Patent  25/04/2014

The US Supreme Court has to decide whether software can be patented

The US Supreme Court delved last month into the hotly contested question of whether softwares are eligible for patent protection...[More...]

Patent  04/04/2014

Unified Patent Court: France has ratified the agreement

On 14th March 2014, France has ratified the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court and the European Commission has updated...[More...]

Counterfeiting  28/03/2014

Counterfeiting in Italy

According to recent studies of Confindustria, counterfeiting costs about 18 billions a year and subtracts to the Italian Revenue Office about five billions....[More...]

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